We are a preschool here in the greater Oak Forest/Garden Oaks area. We are located at and a part of New Day Church. Our vision is to create a faith-based creative learning program that prepares kids to be successful in school and life. We love getting to serve “The Oaks”!

🌟 Now enrolling for our NEW PreK 5 / Bridge Kindergarten Class!

This class will open in August 2021 and is for children who have late birthdays or need to repeat a year of Prek in order to better prepare for Kindergarten. This class will have a small ratio of 9 children to 1 teacher which allows for more individualized support and our fun, engaging curriculum will help them be ahead of the game when they enter Kinder! We have limited available, so make sure to act quickly! You can call, text or email us to claim a spot!


We currently have the following openings available at our school! If your child meets the description below and you’re interested in the spot please call or email us with your information. 😊

πŸ’™ 2 Day (Tues/Thursday) Infant Spot for a child born between February – June 2021 starting August 9th.

πŸ’š 2 Day (Tues/Thursday Infant spot for a child born between January – April 2021 starting in November.

πŸ’œ 5 Day and 3 Day PreK 5/Bridge Program spot available for children who are going into Kinder fall of 2022.

πŸ’› 5 Day PreK 4 spot available for a child who is 4 year old.

Our wait list is now open to all ages!πŸŽ‰

If you are interested in joining the wait list please send us an email at theoakshouston@gmail.com and we will send you the link to join!😊