Core Values



The Oaks Preschool strives to make a positive difference in the life of every child that walks into our classrooms. First and foremost, we believe that faith builds a stable foundation for a child’s life. Faith teaches children how to love and live. We believe in Jesus Christ and that the Bible is God’s word to us. We are connected to New Day Church and follow their statement of faith. Children sing faith based songs, learn Bible stories and scripture, and Christian values are integrated into our classrooms.



We highly value education and believe that the key to a successful academic career lies in receiving a strong early childhood education. Our teachers make lesson plans every week so that learning is planned, even in the infant classrooms. Our students learn through class circle time, hands on activities, exploration and work stations! We believe that a love for learning begins in a child’s earliest years and develops throughout their lifetime.



Creativity is essential to igniting a passion for learning. As a result, we implement lessons that cater to a variety of development levels and learning styles. We believe that children learn best when they are guided by teachers who are creative and passionate about what they do-allowing children to explore, create, and experience the world around them. Thinking outside of the box, working with your hands, using your resources to come up with solutions are all fundamentals in our curriculum.


oakspreschool-31.jpgResearch has proven that free play is one of the best things for a child’s development…it’s that simple! Education is not substituted by play, it is enriched by play. Allowing LOTS of time for play helps children naturally develop socially, physically, emotionally, and cognitively. All of our classrooms are designed for learning while playing and we are constantly improving to ensure our children are actively engaged.